An Essential BBQ Guide-Smoking Times And Temperatures Chart

BBQ Grills Essential smoking times and temperatures chart

With so many BBQ and Grill smoking times and temperatures chart options out there, here is a question? Which one should you use?

It’s best to not sweat too hard over the choice; important, however, to determine you need one as an essential guide and then reference yourself back to the fact that smoking times and temperatures charts are ultimately only a reference; the final determining factor will always come back to is your meat cooked, and the best-determining measure. for this is the smoking temperature of the meat as the temperature at the conclusion of your cook means that the meat is safely cooked and good to consume.

Smoking times and temperatures chart

The smoking time and temperature chart (downloadable here) will guide and assist in smoking the perfect juicy cuts of protein you have ready to cook. Our experienced BBQ enthusiasts have also contributed some helpful information about smoking. Included within the chart are

Download to find out more



How to smoke on a BBQ and use your smoking times and temperatures chart?

As I started to take my everyday experience of firing up the barbecue for our family social barbie ( Slang for BBQ in Australia) event on-to, how can I make my event an experience and produce different outcomes and meals?

I began to reference the internet and different authorities within the cooking world to learn and better understand various techniques, recipes, and methods and even to know what in the world some of the words referenced. I mean, is a Briaa the same as a BBQ?, or is a smoked Barbecue the same as a BBQ Sizzle?

At a particular stage (in the beginning), and with no instruction from any of my elders, I thought the term BBQ covered everything. Still, as I delved deeper into the subject, I became aware that it was a wide-ranging topic, with lots of different perspectives and opinions., techniques, recipes, and equipment.

Friends and Barbecues

Friends and barbeques, you might ask?

So, where to start?

In my case, I began after experiencing an outstanding Christmas meal at my good friend Werner’s home. Werner is a dynamic and fun-loving German friend with whom I have shared numerous social occasions over the years. As ex-pats and living the ex-pat lifestyle, BBQs were a staple part of our daily social diet. But on this occasion, I wasn’t expecting a BBQ, it was Christmas Day, and we were sharing our Christmas meal together as friends and family. I understood the main item on the menu was a turkey, but I had no idea it was to be a Weber kettle-smoked Turkey.

I thought it would come out of the oven as a roasted turkey. You know…the way everyone cooks a turkey at Christmas (The Jamie Oliver way…)
So when we turned up for our planned Christmas Day Meal and gift giving, I did so with the understanding we were having Turkey as our main dinner item but was taken aback when I saw Werner outside cooking up the turkey on a Weber Kettle.

Learn From Friends- My First Lesson

I soon realized he was smoking it. Throughout the next few hours, I received my first lesson and instructional insights into smoking a turkey.

I wish I had recorded it. He was terrific, and the outcome was perfect.

Before that day, I never knew fruit and beer could be used in BBQing. I was determined to tackle the challenge of preparing a smoked meal on a BBQ. I didn’t want to poison anyone or waste money on equipment I wouldn’t use. I also took notes from my friends’ cookouts and decided to learn from them. Over time, there were both excellent and bad culinary outcomes, but always fun.

Lessons on barbecuing and using your smoking times and temperatures chart

So barbequing lesson Number 1, on how to smoke protein on a BBQ? Grab your friend or a group of friends who know how to, and learn from them.

Lesson 2. Join a blog or an FB Group and learn from others.

Lesson 3. Take action: imperfect action is acceptable. You can only learn if you “Do It.”

Lesson 4. Have handy your free downloadable smoking times and temperatures chart.

Smoking times and Temperatures chart Protect Uncertainty

I mean, BBQing and smoking are not new. What they do for sure is provide certainty when you have that inevitable question! How long will it take and how hot should your meat be? Barbecuing has probably been our primary means of cooking since the beginning of time, or at least since Homo sapiens discovered fire and heat. Your ancestors undoubtedly sat around open fires with blazing wood and barbecued recently killed chunks of game or meat.

Our social events of today, where we gather for our summer BBQ with our friends and family, while undoubtedly different, are in many ways not so unfamiliar with the daily events of our ancestors who sat around in caves or around open campfires. The act of togetherness gathering for a meal is intrinsically ingrained within the human DNA, no matter where you come from in our big wide world, immigrated from or ….

Barbeque, in many ways, connects us with our primitive and historical roots. Barbeque cooking with smoke links us with the practices of our primordial ancestors.

Setting up for smoking.

Take the following simple steps to prepare your setup and use a regular kettle barbecue for indirect hot smoking. ( look here for more on how to set up your barbecue for direct and indirect cooking).

Ignite a small pile of coals and keep them to one side – these will be your indirect heat source. A charcoal chimney starter is a fast and safe Barbecue Accessory that can assist here!

Place your smoking wood of choice on top to create your smoke.

Reference your (downloadable) smoking times and temperatures chart to determine the temperature and estimated smoking time to ensure your hot-smoking meats are cooked.

Control the level of heat and smoke with the volume of charcoal you have burning. Note that airflow powers the burn and subsequently the hotness of your coals. The density and amount of wood you have on the coals to smoke will also impact the heat. More coals and airflow will mean more heat and vice versa. Be careful regarding your temperature – gentle smoke is always best, and pumping up the heat will give you acrid smoke, impacting your food taste outcomes.

Choose Your Smoking Woods

Choose your Smoking woods before you start your cook-up. Smoking wood generally falls into three main types:

1. Hardwoods– oak, birch, and beechwood

2. Fruitwoods-apple, cherry, and pear.

3. Nut woods such as hazel and pecan.

They all have remarkable unique characteristics worth exploring, as they all provide a unique experience as they impact the lovely toast smokiness you get from your cook-up. How about experimenting with your own blends and the type of protein you choose? Be aware, however, of any toxic impacts from wood, and ensure you know that you have purchased quality and vetted brands of wood chips.

Extra Elements Ingredients.

Place on any extra elements such as herbs – rosemary, bay, and thyme. They are fantastic smoldering away, but be careful as they’re pretty solid flavors and should be used sparingly.


  • Rosemary
  • Bay Leaves
  • Thyme
  • Cinnamon
  • Crushed Red Pepper
  • Oregon

Take action and remember Lesson One, i.e., don’t be afraid to learn from a friend, take some action, and look forward to some excellent outcomes.

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  1. I am glad I came across this article because I would like some advice on how to smoke a roll of bologna. We had a friend that gave us some and I loved it. He wasn’t the one who smoked it, so he could not tell us how to do it. Have you tried smoked bologna before or smoked one for yourself? You seem very knowledgeable in the area, so I am hoping you can tell me how to do it. 

    1. Author

      Hi Siobhan, Thanks so much for your kind words. Yes, I just love Barbecues and Grilling. I am also like you; wanting to try new recipes, cooking methods etc. could I suggest you look at this book, “Outdoor Grill Bible & Smoker Cookbook“. It’s available on Amazon and has some wonderful recipes and instructions on cooking methods. Also, do look out for our future blog posts where we will be reviewing some seriously outstanding YouTubers who provide video instruction on BBQ cooking techniques. I will ensure we cover how to smoke a roll of bologna within this.

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