What’s In A Grill Master’s Toolbox

Compare A Grill Master’s Toolbox Inventory To Yours.

No Master of the BBQ or Grill would dare call him or herself such without having an impressive variety of barbecue equipment. A Grill Master’s Toolbox certainly has no shortage of variety! And reasons to have them available for use within your BBQ accessory Toolbox.

The truth is that most BBQ enthusiasts don’t necessarily have to put a lot of money into purchasing unnecessary utensils. Still, a few accessories are simply necessary for performance and safety’s sake. Anything listed here as long-handled is pretty much a must-have.

That is unless you don’t mind singed eyebrows. So it’s now time for you to compare a Grill Master’s Toolbox Inventory to Yours!

Long-Handled Utensils:

The Grill Master’s Toolbox includes but is not limited to at least…* Two spatulas* Two long-handled forks, and* a long-handled spoon (for moistening meat or pouring sauces over your protein choice, chicken meat, etc.). Why two? One for cooked meat; and the other for raw meat. Having two ensures you are protected and prevents cross-contamination of raw food into cooked food.

Long-Sleeved oven mitts are definitely needed, and the thicker they are, the better! Get high-quality gloves that will truly protect your hands and lower arms from heat and fire. Taking food off a BBQ can be challenging, especially if you have some flaring happening or are handling hot dishes.

Long Handled Hooks are used to open the grill’s lid or adjust the racks/grates when the grill is hot. These we deemed to be “Absolutely” essential safety tools!

Long Handled BBQ Basting Brushes are used for brushing meat & vegetables with sauce or oil. If you brush raw beef with the basting brush, you will need an extra brush for basting the cooked meat. We highly recommend silicone models for longevity and ease of cleaning.

There are a lot of misconceptions about silicone-made products. People have diverging views on this material, but we believe most Masters of the Grill prefer silicone over nylon because it has higher heat resistance whilst possessing less of a health risk. Silicone BPA-free BBQ utensils are stable and inert. Quality Silicone kitchenware endures heating up to 600℉, down to -40℉ without leaching chemicals and has been used safely in cooking utensils since the ’80s (1980’s that is! ). Its earliest uses were in kitchen spatulas.

Long-Handled BBQ Tongs. A set of lousy BBQ tongs can make a fun occasion unnecessarily stressful and may potentially lead to poorly cooked food, even singed skin and hair on the back of your hands. Choose your long-handled Tongs carefully. Look for BBQ Tongs that provide a good grip and dexterity, enabling you to grip any size or type of Grilled BBQ food without fear of the item slipping out. You don’t want your smaller barbecued pieces falling from your grip.

What Grill Masters are looking for in ‘long-handled” tongs, and what they won’t compromise on is the following- it must be comfortable to use in your hands and made of high-quality material. Its construction must be durable; it should also look the part, so a bit of colour is appreciated ( silicon gives excellent colour choices). Ultimately it would be best if you remembered why you need them long. Long-handled accessories aim to keep your hands safe and away from the fiercest heat and to provide reach.

Charcoal Users:

It’s not always about dinner when you BBQ. Have you ever started the Portable BBQ for a breakfast cook-up, wanting to cook up some bacon and eggs, then suddenly realized that Grills don’t handle this very well? You will, without doubt, find your food falling through the grill grate and saying its bye-bye baby goodbye as it passes through to the awaiting charcoal. To avoid this, like any good Master Griller, start by adding and bringing along some Grill Mats or Reusable Grilling Sheets within your accessory toolbox. These grill grate covering accessories may not come to mind as essential, but when it comes to bacon and eggs- they simply are.

Cook pancakes, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, and other dishes while preserving that BBQ flavour. After the cook-up, you also benefit from an easy clean-up, with the sheets being reusable and dish washable. Your grill grate will usually remain spotlessly clean.

Does BBQ Fuel Options Qualify to be an Essential Item in a Grill Masters Toolbox

Yes indeed!, BBQ Fuel comes in various forms.

Lighter cubes to use with a Charcoal Chimney Starter are essential to get that grill fired up hot and fast. Avoid the excessive and expensive use of lighter fluids by making the chimney starter and some Lighter cubes readily available. Place a couple of Lighter cubes on the charcoal grate underneath the Chimney Starter, and generally, within 15 to 20 minutes, your charcoal is ready to cook.

A Grill Masters Toolbox BBQ observation 101, “you need to know when your meal is cooked.” Your Grill Masters tool kit should have some form of Thermometer.

Thermometers provide the only truly reliable feedback enabling you to know when your food is cooked and ready. A safe temperature indicates your desired doneness level. Thermometers have three basic types.- instant-read thermometers, wireless digital remote thermometers, and the leave-in-the-food type of Thermometer. Accessories :

A Grill Masters Toolbox and Handy Accessories:

Standard Cooking accessories that would see regular use would be Shredder Claws, typically in a bear paw shape and used for pulled pork and chicken, enabling the pickup of hot food, and Skewers, perfect for kebabs, corn on the cob, and grilling vegetables. No Toolkit should be complete without A Grill Masters Grilling Apron. Make sure it’s machine washable and comes with a variety of pockets and a towel loop.

So now you have the chance to Compare a Grill Masters Toolbox Inventory to yours. How did you compare, and what other items would you consider essential? It’s not unusual to get carried away when sourcing your BBQ grilling kit; we feel we have listed a solid list of crucial grilling tools, enabling you to be well-prepared for an excellent solid BBQ experience.

Below in the comments box, please let us know what other items you would consider essential in a Grillers toolbox. We would be pleased to compare.

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  1. Many thanks for this valuable and comprehensive Grill Master’s Toolbox. I don’t really have a grill. But I love to eat grilled food. My brother has a grill. He is very good at grilling. I will definitely forward this email to him. I think this will be very important to him. Keep posting valuable posts like this.

    1. Thank you for your feedback Pasindu. BBQ and Grilling are such enjoyable experiences. We are looking forward to sharing more with you and your brother.

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